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Kolkata Card

Good News for Para Teachers

  KOLKATA: The West Bengal government is planning to bring teachers of different categories - para-teachers, PTTI teachers and the like - in schools and colleges under one umbrella and absorb them in regular employment in a phased manner, chief minister Mamata Banerjee said. She fixed a three-year timeframe for this task.
Mamata said the interest of teachers, who were not in regular employment, had never been taken into account by the previous government though they had rendered an invaluable service. Provided they have requisite qualifications, these teachers should be absorbed into regular employment. Though this could not be achieved at one go, it could be made possible in phases, between six months and three years, the chief minister said.
In a similar fashion, the government would try to absorb teachers working under the Panchayat department. She, however, did not fix a timeframe to achieve this objective.
After arranging for salaries of school teachers on the first day of the month, the government would now try to ensure that retired school teachers get their pension on time. A system would be introduced for payment of a provisional pension to retiring teachers immediately after retirement. Regular pension could be calculated later on after pension settlement. "Now there are long delays in settlement of pensions, because of which teachers often have to live in penury after retirement," she said.