The Eastern Post and Exterminators

Media plays an essential role in establishing democracy and fighting for the rights of people. He and serves as a source of information and educates the public on issues in their community, state, country, and world. While there is the mainstream media, there are also newspapers, websites, and television stations all dedicated to giving minorities and disenfranchise segments of the society a voice. The Eastern Post is one cents source of media based in Kolkata India. It is dedicated to providing English media that serves as a voice of Muslims and minority communities in the Buffalo region.

In 2011, the Census of India recorded over 24 million Muslims in the state of West Bengal, approximately 27% of the state’s population. This population makes them the largest minority in the state. The number of Muslims in West Bengal has been rising steadily as Bangladeshi Muslims move into Indian. However, long before the border between India and Bangladesh was drawn, Islam was practiced in much of the region. In fact, Bengali Muslims are the second-largest group of Muslims behind Arab Muslims.

Most of the citizens of Bangladesh are Bengali Muslims. This means that the practice Islam and speak in the Bengali language. Bengali Muslims also make up the largest minority in West Bengal and Assam. The Bengali Muslim population in West Bengal is the residual effect of the 1947 Partition of Bengal and India. As a minority group, they have often felt that their voice is not heard and that they are underrepresented in government policies and initiatives.